Furriery Luděk Slanař

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Luděk Slanař Kožešiny LS

Dear friends, We would like to introduce you an extraordinary man, who continues old tradition. He is one of those who still practice the furrier craft.

Luděk Slanař

From a child he dreamt of becoming a furrier. From the age of thirteen he visited regularly a work-room where he learned the craft from his older colleagues. The beauty of furs absorbed him entirely during his studies at the secondary school. Since his school-leaving he worked in prestigious furrier companies in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Luděk Slanař is not only a producer but also a fashion designer. His models are worn by customers in many countries.

His longstanding customers can choose from a wide variety of fur products: collars, hats, headbands, stoles, muffs, cuffs, shawls, boleros, coats, jackets, toppers, cloaks, foot-cuffs, fur blankets and covers. Furriery Luděk Slanař fabricates various materials: chinchilla, sable, furs marked SWAKARA – rabbit, rabbit REX, lambskin, goatskin, nutria, fox, weasel, karakul, breitschwanz, furs marked SAGA FURS – mink and fox. Luděk Slanař is also an admirer of horse racing; he is in the presidium of the Racing club. At the Pardubice racecourse, where the famous Velká Pardubická steeplechase takes place, he holds every year a fashion show.

Can’t you choose the right model? Can’t you find what you want? Come to us and we will help you. In March 2010 the company moved to the Pernštýnská Street in the historical centre of Pardubice. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Luděk Slanař, kožešník.